Découvrez le musée


For everyone, for all ages, to play alone or with others, excavation kits, stuffed animals, figurines, board games, puzzles. Of course, all around the central theme of the museum :  prehistory.

Facsimile, reproduction, flint

Many artists and artisans are present in our shop with carved stone objects according to ancestral traditions, reproductions of cave paintings, statuettes in real size, faithful witnesses of prehistoric art. 

bracelets, pendants, necklaces, minerals

Very faithful miniature reproductions of iconic Venus prehistory, Brassempouy, Willendorf, etc. Flints, other sculptures, available in pendants, necklace, keychain, pen ...

Among a large collection of minerals, base or jewelry you will find the stone that fits your personality. 

The Museum Products

A range of products for a Museum souvenir . Gift idea.

  The mug stamped with the colors of the establishment!

The "neck", will enable many uses such as : not to lose your keys,   recognize the dog, walk the cat, badge your kids, or to prove that you were there! Essential!