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Designed to adress all audiences, the musée-forum is dedicated to the site of Aurignac and understanding of the Aurignacian culture.    The project is divided into three modules:

Module 1 : The search for human origins

Module 2 : A chance discovery.... but essential

Module 3 : The Aurignacian culture


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The PrehistoLab'

A room that covers prehistory in general, dedicated to pedagogic and manipulatives workshops. Open to visitors outside the workshops, a true "cave of Ali-baba", this space allows a playful approach and offers the opportunity to observe various friezes and certain bones (humans and animals) corresponding to different eras.

Algans room

A multipurpose room, used to present regular exhibitions and conferences, syposia and thematic presentations. An indispensable tool to renew the proposals and the attraction for visitors.

The cafeteria-terrasse

A friendly space that allows to pause, check books, have a drink and see th screen " news" of the museum, relay of the latest scientific and cultural information.


Aurignac and the search for human origins

This first part takes you into the world of the nineteenth century, with its advances and scientific questions. We discover Edouard Lartet, passionate researcher and discoverer of the site of Aurignac in his quest of animals from the past and the origins of man. In a tormented context opposing the activist of creationist theory to those of the evolution of species, the unexpected discovery of Aurignac’s shelter, fuel debate on antiquity of man.

A chance find... but essential

Discover the history of the discovery of the place and the objects from different excavation campaigns. It all statrs with the discovery of human skeletons ot the foot of the hill of Fajolles. The find, led Edouard Lartet, digging away and prvoe the existence of prehistoric man. The objects discoverd during the excavation in 1961 are present in a semi-enclosed space, evoking the shelter. The simultaneous prensence of manufactured instruents and bones of extinct animals with signs made with some of those instruments allow Lartet demonstrate the antiquity of man.

The aurignacian culture

In Aurignac, the presence of prehistoric ma was found but no human remains from the period. Who then was this Aurignacian ?Where did he live ? What was his environment ? What were his weapons and objects of everyday life ? What sort of symbolic, social and cultural universe he had ? The museum helps to answer some of this questions.

Researches on other sites provide answers to the lifestyles of the Homo Sapiens. A map shows you the extent of this culture up to the borders of Asia. The bones of animals, weapons, flint and bone tools, show you the livelihoods of these Aurignacians hunter-gatherers. You will also discover the first European artistic and cultural signs made at that time: adornment items, musical instruments, sculptures, wall paintings and engravings ... So many testimonials that attest to the modernity of our direct ancestor.