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What Are the Best Essential Oils for Immune Support?

Topically- Peppermint creates a cooler sensation on the skin, so it helps to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil before rubbing on the skin to minimize the intensity. Add the mixture to your bath and relax! It’s a fact, after all, that when you’re not feeling your best emotionally, it could translate physically. Cinnamon is thought to support the cardiovascular and immune system. Women who are suffering from PMS can also benefit tremendously from the essential oil as it helps to relax the body and mind.

Here are my favorite blends for kiddos!

Add a drop or two into the shower before getting in. Seasonal illnesses are making their way around the office and let’s not even think about what the kiddos are bringing home from school. While ingesting essential oils is a controversial topic (read more about ingesting essential oils) I do believe they can be a benefit when used very carefully — when they are included in a high-quality supplement like the Tohi line from Rocky Mountain Oils. Tisserand, Robert. Add 2 drops to a tissue and inhale the aroma throughout the day to open airways and sinuses. Melaleuca alternifolia. I also like to keep lots of natural remedies on hand to keep my family healthy throughout the winter season.

Try These Five Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System

It’s best to get ginger essential oil from a trusted source, especially if you’re planning on taking it internally. The primary way to utilize this set of oils for lymphatic support is aromatically and topically. This undiluted blend is great for congestion relief.

It will become liquid if allowed to warm. Interested in essential oils? Several years ago, we discovered that our home was infested with toxic black mold. One of my go-to helpers is an immunity support roller. Shake before spraying in room to purify the air. I was sick for nearly two months and the second bout of pneumonia really kicked my butt.

With a soothing aroma, Immunity is packed with essential oils that can boost the immune system while clearing congestion, coughs and fevers.

Immune Supporting Essential Oil Blend

I like to mix up some oils in an ounce of carrier oil so it’s ready to apply when we need it. The oil of Syzygium aromaticum is very strong and hot, so please start with a drop or two diluted well to prevent burning skin and developing rashes. Congestion blends are great to use not only for congestion, but also for when you’re dealing with respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, sinus issues, and more. This high-quality antiseptic and antiviral oil combats germs while leaving behind a refreshing aroma. DO NOT think I’m a doctor. In addition to those enhancements, cinnamon is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, immune stimulant, sexual stimulant , and warming.

  • The essential oil is particularly effective at ridding the body from harmful pathogens that get past through the body’s natural defense.
  • But did you know it helps with immune support?
  • Overexposure to essential oils may lead to effects such as headaches, nausea, and possibly emotional disturbances.

More To Consider From Our Brands

Three common oils with these properties: If a calming bath is more your style, add 2-3 drops essential oil to a teaspoon of bubble bath before adding to your bath. The pure mixture will work wonders for congested nose problems with these key ingredients: It’s always safest to get it from the source, plus that way you get member benefits too! Use essential oils to create a room spray that can help turn any environment into a place of healing.

Oil is also excellent when diffused.

Always consult your medical doctor regarding your medical care. This study shows the ability of thymol to fight against some pathogens. Yes, and one of the best tools to combat the germs and bacteria during cold and flu season are essential oils! If you don't see it, check your spam folder or "promotions" folder on gmail. Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, expectorant, analgesic and relaxing properties are all readily available with the right combination of pure essential oils - as are important vitamins, nutrients and detoxifying compounds to benefit sustained health. How to make this DIY Immune System Booster: Cover your head with a towel and place your head above the basin.

I came across doterra visiting a friend in LA and became enthralled with the impact essential oils could have in my home.

The Quick Start Essential Oil Handbook for Busy Moms (eBook)

In addition to helping with seasonal illnesses, this oil can also help with digestive issues and balancing oily skin. Finally, rosemary essential oil, which is also antiseptic and anti-infectious, may also help balance heart function, energize the solar plexus, reduce mental fatigue, improve circulation, and help stimulate the nerves. If used preventatively, it can potentially stop infection from spreading throughout the body. Cold and flu season are about to get into full swing. Here is the dilution chart from AromaTools that I follow with every roller bottle I make. Linked to some of these great blogs. I didn’t eat meat, limited grains and stayed away from all inflammatory foods (sweets, fried foods, dairy) for a few weeks to give my digestive system a break.

Recipes to Boost Your Immune System

Plus, I love some pumpkin pie spice – it gives my “flu shot” recipe shot a nice flavor and added immune boost! Want a kit that’s ready to go? Garden plants (think thyme, oregano, rosemary, lavender), trees (juniper, sage, frankincense) and grasses (lemongrass, citronella) all produce germ-fighting essential oils. For example, if I am using eucalyptus when I am congestion I will apply eucalyptus oil to my chest and then layer frankincense over top. Add essential oils to diffuser with recommended water. Diffusing oils is the best way to “neutralize air-borne illnesses and enhance immunity,” says David Crow. Eucalyptus can work as a decongestant as it helps ease colds and viruses. Editor’s Pick for Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil:

Lawless, Julia. •The basics of essential oils •How to use essential oils safely •DIY recipes to help save you money •Everyday uses for your home, beauty, wellness and more! The bottoms of your feet are ideal for placing this foot rub. I’ve tried a couple different probiotics and found this has the best results.

The immune-boosting blends I’ve listed below include essential oils that can aid the immune system in all of these ways and more. Many individuals look for ways to boost their immune system during the colder months. If you’re using a citrus essential oil that was made using the cold pressing method, you would generally need less than a drop to get an effect compared with steam-distilled essential oils. Let aromatherapy oils really shine and assist your body to improved health and wellness. Here are some of the very best essential oils that are hugely effective at boosting the immune system and fighting off germs and disease.

Harnessing The Power Of Nature

When essential oils come into contact with our bodies, the frequency of our bodies becomes raised to a degree so that we become inhospitable hosts to pathogenic organisms. I also apply in a preventative way on both us and the kids – especially if I know there are things going around school at the time. 10 Niaouli is also a stimulating essential oil and is even useful in getting rid of parasites and fighting off infections and germs as well. Although diet, sleep and lifestyle make a big difference when it comes to keeping your immune system healthy, essential oils can be a huge support!

  • Whether it’s for your immune system, or for treating acne or cold sores, for use during cold and flu season or cough and chest congestion, tea tree is part of the aromatherapist’s vocabulary.
  • For me, as soon as I feel any kind of hint of something coming on, I’ll use this roller every hour throughout the day.
  • Five sprays a day can keep the doctor away!
  • Essential oils have many, many uses.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil is produced via steam distillation of the tree’s leaves and twigs.

9 Beautiful Benefits of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

All essential oils have antiseptic properties to some degree and many essential oils are especially good at treating harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses. Common energizing essential oils: Give it a little swish. I like about 15 drops in ours. My name is Chelsea, I'm a new mom, wife, and nutrition centered essential oil advocate.

AIP Diet Food List (+ a free printable!)

And one of the many great ways to use essential oils for immune system support when you have a cold. Some of it we can control and some of it we can’t, but regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that our immune systems take numerous hits every single day. Can you use essential oils for colds and flu season? Need to get through the day, even when you’re not feeling well? You can experiment with your favorite scents. You can start by simply eating healthier, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes and getting good sleep. The best way to get started is to get a Young Living essential oil kit which gets you a set of popular essential oils, a diffuser included and also gets you free membership, 24% off any orders along with other discounts and benefits. If you want to avoid getting sick then you need this oil!

Cars need regular maintenance, yet without the right tools to change the old gunk and normal build up in the car, the machine isn’t able to perform at its best. Topically – Frankincense can be used with or without a carrier oil. As a Young Living member, you automatically become a member of our big community that will give you all the support and advice you need !

If your essential oils starter kit didn’t include Tea Tree oil, you can add it to your library now and rest assured that you’ll find plenty useful uses for it now & in the future. There is no standard for EOs and so many of the oils you find may be adulterated or synthetically manipulated and can actually contain harmful ingredients. I especially like having this one on hand during the cooler months when germs are high and anytime we go into crowded places.

A Guide to Homemade Natural Facial Serums For Every Skin Type

It's also great for making Lotions, Creams, Bath Bombs, Scrubs, Candles, and So Much More! Looking back, I regret this decision. There are several essential oils that have immunostimulant properties, meaning they stimulate the action of the immune system. You don’t need to use topical application of essential oils as a preventative but it really comes in handy when you are feeling sick. Frankincense is considered the “holy anointing oil” in the Middle East, and has been used for thousands of year for it’s many healing properties.

Stress weakens the immune system so it is important to keep it under control. Tea tree is a great essential oil to blend with other oils in the diffuser to help purify the air and support health. Below, I’ve listed eleven immune support diffuser blends. Rub it on the bottom of the feet, on the back of the neck or on your wrists. What’s exciting is that today I’m going to give you 3 Things: But if you’re starting from scratch and shopping for a set of immune boosting essential oils, make sure you include Cinnamon Bark. It also has strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. I am not a medical professional and the information presented here is merely for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice.

One of our most popular KidSafe synergies, Immune Boom is designed specifically to bolster your immune system while being safe to diffuse around your little ones. I oil pulled every day with this essential oils for immunity blend. Niaouli essential oil is considered especially beneficial for boosting immunity. This essential oil is made with a blend of cloves, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils and is great to use to prevent the onset of a cold by using it preemptively. I did my research before deciding on Young Living essential oils and found a lot of these oils are not 100% essential oils. Discover how to nourish and care for your unique body type at our mind-body healing immersion, Perfect Health. Learn more about my favorite essential oils in this post. Diffuse – Ginger oil can be diffused to help keep purify the air, but it has a very strong scent so use it sparingly (just 1-3 drops) and combine it with an essential oils to complement it like citrus fresh, raven or peppermint.