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Immune Boost

If one or two diluted drops are rubbed in your pulse points, tea tree essential oil could serve as a shield against viruses and bacteria that you can carry with you as you go about your day. Related stories, once inside, the cells of the immune system cannot ‘see’ the virus and therefore do not know that the host cell is infected. I’m excited to share with you theses 25 recipes for using essential oils for the support of a healthy immune system! The oils are used as massage oils and applied to skin topically.

It’s also the best way to maximize the oil’s healing potential. Cold weather drying out the mucus in your nose. Did you know there are 90 essential oils?

Just dilute it with carrier oils and rub it directly in your body. In case of contact, flush with water, but if a large amount of undiluted essential oil spills on the skin, use carrier agents and not water to thin it out and clear it away. But many people don’t realize essential oils can help give your immune system a boost as well. Essential oils like Lemon, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Melaleuca, Wild Orange, and Cilantro have antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antiparasitic and/or antifungal properties. And if you add 40 drops of lemon oil, 20 drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of white vinegar to a 16-ounce spray bottle filled with water, you’ll have an inexpensive and highly-effective all-natural cleaner. Mix a few drops in your moisturizer to apply on the face and body. Eucalyptus oil is used for many things. The oils of course are the not the only keys to strengthening your immune system.

How To Use Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System

There should not be any additives to the oil. Majority of essential oils are not recommended for use in very young children, and some have been known to be harmful to animals. – You can also use it topically, but be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil like coconut oil because it can be hot on the skin if it is not diluted. For a natural mouthwash, place 1 drop of clove oil in a shot glass of water and swish in mouth for 1-2 minutes, then spit out. I try and do this 2 weeks – 1 week minimum before the first day of school.

This go-to essential oil well known for its relaxing properties. It doesn’t have any strong scent and does not leave stains. A proper immune system will fight off nasty infections and illnesses. Recommended for you, some medication in this category approved by the U. – Ginger oil can be diffused to help keep purify the air, but it has a very strong scent so use it sparingly (just 1-3 drops) and combine it with an essential oils to complement it like citrus fresh, raven or peppermint. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. It can be used as an insect repellent or to clean wounds and avoid infection. The antiviral effects will make it much more difficult for harmful viruses and bacteria to survive by increasing white blood cell counts.

  • The best way to get started is to get a Young Living essential oil kit which also gets you 11 popular essential oils, a diffuser, free membership, 24% off any orders along with other discounts and benefits.
  • Repeat as needed every 30 minutes but typically after 1-2 applications, there is relief!


We’ve put everything you need into one easy to use set. Always consult your health provider’s advice before anything else. It’s fresh, medicinal, a green woodsy scent is sure to freshen up any room. As I mentioned above, stress and sleep are both contributing factors for lowered immunity. Thanks for joining the your kid's table community! i'm so glad you're here! What you can look for is where the oils are sourced and produced. US Organics is certified USDA organic grown and harvested in South Africa. Take caution when using these blends on children under 6.

Cold & Flu essential oils Fighting Blend

This oil is also the perfect oil for massaging sore muscles and back pains. Just remember that it is easy to get lost in your favorite essential oil scents, so please don’t be shy to add in a new one or experiment a little to get desired results. If you’ve been exposed to someone who has the flu you can use essential oils to keep yourself healthy. They serve as filtering centres for cleansing your blood, which helps prevent illness. Oregano is rich in antioxidants and an effective pathogen fighter, which means it fights bacteria, viruses, and other microorganism that can cause disease. And similar to another citrus essential oil on this list, lemon can also serve as a mood stabilizer which could possibly lead to an improved functioning of the body’s various systems.

Included as one of the gifts of the magi to the baby Jesus, frankincense has long been part of medicine and personal care treatments in the East.

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Essential oils have many, many uses. With ingredients like raven, frankincense, and clove you can get the benefits of using those 3 oils in this one bottle and more. It could also be used as an alternative beauty product. Cold air can be hard on the respiratory tract which can compromise the immune system.

A few drops of these on your bathtub water can also spice up your bath.

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The ingredients for the spray include: It is soothing and healing to mucous membranes like the nose area. We will explore DIY recipes for essential oils and pantry staples you may already have on-hand as well as ready-to-use essential oil blend products. – Frankincense is a great essential oil to diffuse for a grounding and uplifting aroma that supports health. First, some light coughing presented itself, then it advanced and became deep and chronic (non-stop). It’s been known to be effective when used against anxiety. What is your game plan for staying healthy as we head into cold and flu season?

Second, it is another immune system stimulant, boosting your body’s defenses to help keep you from catching cold or flu bugs. Each night before I head to bed now, I walk into my daughter’s room and put Cedarwood and Frankincense on her wrist or behind her earlobe – depending on which I can access easily without disrupting her sleep. Important to note: Regular use of lemon oil on your skin can make you vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and up your chances of getting skin cancer. It is common knowledge that lemon fruit has noteworthy immunity-boosting properties. Just be careful when using oregano. Diffuse in those few weeks prior to Back to School to purify and cleanse the air, as well as boost the immune systems of everyone in the house. Add one drop to your toothbrush before brushing.

Another good way to help strengthen your immune system is by infusing immunity-building essential oils into the air you breathe. If you really can’t take the taste, just mix it with honey or coconut oil to improve it. Essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful – it’s important not to mess around with low quality, no-name brands. It has been discovered that people sell contaminated imitation Young Living oils on other websites.

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Add the essential oil to your carrier oil of choice and apply as a salve for tired muscles or as a chest rub to help loosen chest and nasal congestion. As an added bonus, you get the aromatherapy benefits associated with lemon essential oil while making your entire house fresher and cleaner. Experts agree that the reason why this period is labeled as cold and flu season is not because people feel cold, per se, but because most of us tend to spend more time indoors – making us within a spitting distance to each other and more susceptible to germs that spread bacteria and viruses! You would only need a few drops to diffuse and a few drops in carrier oil to use on the skin so this tiny bottle will go a long way.

Quick and Easy Self-Care Tips to Boost Your...

Gently shake bottle before inhaling to synergize. Topically – Eucalyptus oil is one of my favorites to combine with a carrier oil and use as a chest rub to support normal breathing. Eucalyptus globulus can relieve sore muscles after exercise.

This oil can calm people who are suffering from anxiety attacks. This means you may be surrounding yourself with extra layers of pet hair and allergens thanks to their seasonal shedding. Before we dive into which essential oils are best for supporting the immune system, let’s define what an essential oil is and a few different ways you can use them. In addition to that, it has an extremely fragrant aroma perfect for your home. This oil can be deadly if drank especially to kids. This means that it tends to kill the various microbes and bacteria that interact with your body on a daily basis.

As a powerful cleansing and purifying oil it can be used in your cleaning and your diffuser to purify the air.

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It induces sleep and relaxation. We have determined 11 standouts that have proven beneficial claims. Young living also goes to great lengths to guarantee and test oil purity and strength. It also has concentrated gingerol that boosts your immunity and cures inflammation. Rosemary is another must have for the diffuser during cold and flu season. Ingredients, use 1 level Tbsp. Consume it- Lemon oil is pretty safe to consume provided you got a pure and high-quality oil.

Are we increasing the number of neutrophils? Use it daily as a preventative measure, or take a drop internally as soon as you feel something coming on. Use a Diffuser- Tea Tree is a great air purifier and is good for your health making it a great blend for diffusing in your house. Oftentimes a lack of sleep is associated with a number of negative emotions and letting go of these emotions can allow you to get the sleep you need. Eucalyptus essential oil is produced via steam distillation of the tree’s leaves and twigs.

Pure blend magic!

Getting a full night’s sleep helps in restoring balance to your body and strengthening your immune system. For instance, the use of fir essential oil is recommended only for up to two weeks at a time. You can read more about stress-relieving oils here. Always dilute essential oils before applying them topically.

Thyme is a common herb and is versatile as an essential oil.


We’ll be looking at the proper use and dosing for each essential oil so you get the benefit while minimizing the possible risks. Steps to incorporate into daily routine. We realize some of you are looking for safe essential oils to use on your babies so we will provide our top 5 essential oils for babies later in this article.

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•The basics of essential oils •How to use essential oils safely •DIY recipes to help save you money •Everyday uses for your home, beauty, wellness and more! It’s always safest to get it from the source, plus that way you get member benefits too! The many uses of frankincense include incense for religious ceremonies, perfume, and beauty treatments.

Today, it is often used during yoga classes or meditation retreats. If there is a problem with modern essential oils, it’s that there are so many available that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know which ones to purchase. There are many inauthentic cheap brands of tea tree out there, so you want to be sure to get the pure therapeutic grade oil to get the benefits. Both studies are limited but offer highly promising alternatives to traditional treatments. Many are famously used for skin-care products, and a great number of them help in taking care of the immune system. Peppermint oil has been used for centuries in Europe and in ancient Japan and China for it’s healthy properties. A tablespoon of oregano can do you wonders. You can also add a few drops of other essential oils to vary the scents.

And chances are, you probably know someone who swears by their ability to heal everything from the common cold to constipation. A Developmental Approach to Pediatric Environmental Medicine. No-brainer, really, but these sure are some things being neglected by most.

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I typically start with Lavender and Frankincense (these both come in the Young Living starter kit) in the diffuser or topically to the back of the neck right before sleep. Minimizing toxic load is one of the most overlooked aspects of overall well-being. You can create a nightly or morning routine with several oils to ensure your body is always protected with the best essential oils for allergies. Share this article via email, stop the habit of smoking because not only does it increases the risk of cancer but it also impairs the immune system. Add honey to a warm cup of ginger or echinacea tea to help ease a dry or scratchy throat Enjoy a bath with Epsom salts to soothe sore muscles or seasonal aches Use a Neti pot to clear out congestion during flare-ups Change your sheets on a weekly basis, washing them in hot water to fend off germs Use a certified HEPA filter to clear out airborne pathogens and cleanse the air around you Go to the chiropractor, which may help keep your body in alignment and can help with ailments such as back pain, ear aches, sinus headaches and more Give your house a deep clean using toxic free solutions that will remove dust and other allergens Use essential oils for allergies by diffusing them or applying them topically. Chronic exposure adds to the body’s “toxic burden,” which is the amount of chemicals stored in bodily tissues at a given time.

We’ve looked into the 90 oils to determine the best ones specifically for boosting immunity. Lavender oil may be an allergen to many people. Lavender essential oil does not directly affect your immune system; however it does promote good sleep. Mix all ingredients together and add to warm bath, swirl water with hand to disperse. Can certain foods really boost immunity? She is licensed by the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy – Naturopathy to practice in the province of Ontario. It contains many of the oils on this list, making ideal to help maintain a healthy immune system.

  • So next time your immune system takes a hit, you might want to consider adding essential oils to your immune-boosting routine.
  • 12 Additionally, it’s an immunostimulant, so it can not only help protect the body by fighting off germs, but also helps boost the immune system.
  • Remember, stress and sleep are both contributing factors for lowered immunity.

A Healthy Lifestyle Plays a Part in a Healthy Immune System

There are 4-5 other things you should consider FIRST before even worrying about using essential oils for immune support. I choose Young Living Essential Oils for a few different reasons: It also is a great addition to cleaning solvents. To create an easy substitution for a rub-on product, you could also apply a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a carrier oil and then apply the mixture topically for around-the-clock relief. Fresh, effervescent, and soothing camphorous scent. The best way to get started is to get a Young Living essential oil kit which gets you a set of 11 popular essential oils, a diffuser included and also gets you free membership, 24% off any orders along with other discounts and benefits. Similar to oregano oil, it is also rich in thymol and carvacrol which have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential Oils That Boost Immunity

I’m so excited about using essential oils to boost our immune systems because they work SO crazy well and they are super easy to use. I LOVE the smell of essential oils and their all-natural therapeutic benefits. These amazing effects have been substantiated. We understand. Check to see if the oil is food grade if you will take orally. There are many essential oil diffuser blend recipes out there depending on your desired effect. You can also add a drop into a cup of warm water and used as your final rinse after you brush your teeth for improved oral health. A eucalyptus essential oil may have the power to open up your lungs and improve your breathing.

It can also be used as a mouthwash. Its aroma is helpful in calming down people with anxiety. Frequent hand washing is one of the most important things that you can due to limit threats to your immune system.

This means you’re staying healthy on the front end, rather than constantly trying to get your body to a state of health. Eucalyptus essential oil can help support upper respiratory health and help combat congestion. Frequent hand washing with hot water and soap or a cleansing spray, staying away from sick people, and eating a balanced diet are all preventative measures meant to promote good health. For this reason, it would be wise to test how your body responds to any oil by applying a tiny amount to your skin. Hi, i'm heidi!, i love using almond butter in my smoothies not only for the health benefits, but it adds great flavor and the added fat keeps you full longer! Discover the entire collection of Divine Essence® respiratory system essential oils. As we head into the fall and winter months, wellness is on the forefront of our minds more than ever.

The Healing Properties of Essential Oils

Since it is such a popular oil there are many companies selling eucalyptus oil that is combined with artificial fragrance. For this reason, it should be used with extreme caution. A little less for young kids and elderly, a lot less for babies. Click here to learn more. PLUS join the email course to learn how essential oils can support a healthy immune system, digestion, skin, sleep & more! They can also be used as a powerful cleaner that won’t only help you cut costs but will also save you from exposing yourself to harmful chemicals that could affect your thyroid and your hormones.