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Energy Healing, Crystals for Health and Wellness

This does not affect the healing properties in any way. Because of its blue hue, it is also associated with the Throat Chakra which supports clear communication. Tspace, however biologically similar we may have been at birth, the one thing that is certain is that sexual desire and preference – as well as means of achieving satisfaction – differ from one individual to the next. An antibody is a protein that is secreted by the white blood cells into the bloodstream to recognize and neutralize the negative intruders. Amazonite calms the spirit and soothes the soul with its cool greenish color. Used for auric protection, to raise your vibration, alchemize negative energy, and calming a chaotic mind.

★ Click the crystals with the blue links to see metaphysical properties or order that crystal. Fish oil, it’s great to eat, but it also comes in a supplement form, and studies have shown that daily supplementationwith garlic can reduce colds by 63% when compared with placebo. Bloodstone reenergises and rejuvenates when body and mind are exhausted. Here are my top recommendations for crystals that support the immune system. From treating Down ’s syndrome to DNA degeneration to vitamin deficiencies, Garnet also aligns all your chakras in the correct order by ejecting the toxins within you. Not many people know that bloodstone is also another purification gemstone that also protects the wearer against autoimmune disorders.

  • Jade represents nobility of rank and ideals.
  • Make crystal patches on your throat or heart chakra with emerald to power healing vibrations throughout your body.
  • And if you do happen to come down with something, Fluorite has been known to knock out an illness at the first signs of it.
  • ” It’s said to empower the spirit and support you through times of stress by preparing you to fully “show up.
  • It also relieves stress and emotional turmoil.

Then I’m gonna be full time BOOBS TO THE WALL Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy! Kyanite helps the mind create pathways where none previously existed, especially in terms of emotional development and meditation. Gemstones to Support Your Child’s Health and Happiness by Group of 5, published by North Atlantic Books, copyright © 2020 by Group of 5.

Yet even though we may know this, very few of us truly honor and take care of the vehicle that we reside in. Resonating with the heart chakra, this stone acts as a heart protector and heart healer inducing a positive outlook on life. Some of you may find Garnet a little too strong in the beginning, and it is advisable to use Garnet with caution if you suffer with any heart conditions or high blood pressure. Known for “new beginnings,” moonstone is said to encourage inner growth and strength. From colds to influenza, allergies, chronic ailments and severe organ failures, there are many cures that gemstone therapy can introduce to you, if you’re ready for it! If you find that you or a loved one is feeling run down, tired, or sick, consider your Vogel Crystal Healing work to be an essential preventative measure to increase the strength of the internal army of your system. Furthermore, its warm, luminous energies are highly suitable for children.

  • This varied stone can be found in nearly all colors with seemingly endless types of striations.
  • It can also be used to strengthen the immune system, heart and adrenal glands – easing stress and releasing tension.
  • According to Michael Katz, author of Gemstone Energy Medicine, “Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to your body’s needs.
  • But remember that you are a powerful being, and ultimately your health is in your own hands.
  • Like the sun or lemon like its Greek name Citron, it is yellow in colour.

18 Rose Quartz: The Ultimate Heart Healer

An all-round healer, it draws off toxicity, rebalances the cells and stimulates your immune system. While there’s no scientific evidence for crystals, that hasn’t stopped people from trying them. With its association to the heart, Jade is good for filtering toxins and cleansing the body as a whole through the blood. Strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs and regulates intestinal flora, helping to reinforce the immune system. It also has the ability to dispel negativity energy and protects against environmental pollution. This stone can be used to create a protective grid around your home as it does not allow outside influences to penetrate. Garnet helps to remove inhibitions and taboos, and allows the mind to think freely and creatively.

Carry your preferred immune boosting crystal(s) with you as needed, especially during cold and flu season. Known for its master healing properties, there isn’t much that selenite can’t be used for. Soothes the nervous system and reduces inflammation and healing of the throat, nose, sinus ailments. Bloodstone is one of those quiet, unassuming, often overlooked crystals that should be in everyone's Crystal First Aid kit. It is effective on the solar plexus, the base of the neck, or the inside of the wrists, especially when applied as an elixir. A calming stone, it relieves sleep disorders. It’s also extremely useful in eliminating stress, depression, and mood swings. An important heart chakra crystal, Rhodonite is prescribed alongside medicines of eczema, ulcers and chronic fatigue.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure that our immune system is functioning as well as possible to effectively combat aggressors. Making gem elixir of malachite is an immune system booster that works well when you meditate with it. Keywords; Purification. They intend to find out whether there are other receptors like Clec12a that are also capable of sensing crystalline structures. Citrine is a great stone for manifestation and connecting with Divine energy. It’s also said to help get rid of emotional blockage and promote qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion to help find your true sense of self. This stone is known to quite literally suck negative energy and low vibrations from a space or your body, and create room for the light to shine in. Psychic abilities can be enhanced with kyanite as it deepens meditation and opens channels to the spirit realm.

Find Gemstones for Debilitating Conditions

Other offers may also be available. The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. This will help you indicate what’s going on within yourself before depending on outside sources. Your immunity is your strength to fight diseases as well as protect your physical body from collapsing. A strong stone, it increases your physical vitality and stamina. There are over ten different types of opal, all originating from different parts of the world with slightly different properties. It removes disillusionment, helping one to see their strengths and weaknesses more clearly.

Immune System Support Crystal Set

But you may not know what they could offer you. Citrine helps eye problems, circulation problems, detoxifies, activates the thymus and balances the thyroid. It also is used to improve and strengthen the immune system. A weak immune system can be repaired by empowering the Thymic chakra, which flushes out toxins and rejuvenates your key organs. All of the above crystals resonate with the element of water and have a cooling, soothing effect, and will help you eliminate the excess of mucous in your body. Who knows — you might be pleasantly surprised.

These unique vibrations of energy interact with our own energetic vibration and can directly affect our physical, emotional, and subtle bodies. Your immune system is a magnificent network of cells and organs that work in tandem to keep foreign invaders (virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites) at bay, and to neutralize those internal criminals that have gone wrong (cancer). How in the world could chicken breasts cost per pound!? Remember and repeat. Wearing jade pendants, choker necklaces or chains are considered ideal to activate the higher heart chakra as it regulates blood circulation effectively.

Amethyst Hamsa Necklace

Wear it or place it on the source of EMF emissions, such as computers and cell phones, to eliminate their detrimental effect on sensitive human energy systems. These are ideal for those who want to bring good energies into their abode. This exposure affects their immune systems and can lead to colds, allergies, ear infections, eczema, and asthma, distressing both parents and children. Breathe slowly and deeply counting to seven, holding the breath in for a count of six, and then breathing out for a count of five. Identify what you feel you’re missing before looking into what stones can provide you. It sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy.

Fluorite is the one to grab when you feel you might be exposed to highly contagious infections, such as the flu, as it provides your body the strength and protection to avoid contracting the condition.


Opal acts as a prism of the entire aura, and brings in the entire spectrum of light to the spiritual and energy body. They are responsible for the activation of our immune system. This clarifying gemstone unites logic with intuition. Gridding it round your bed helps you sleep and strengthens the immune system. The hub of the immune system, the thymus gland, sits in the physical body at the high heart chakra, creating white blood cells, and educates the immune army about the enemy.

By interfering with specific chakra points in the body, following crystals can be used to power-up your immune system, quickly! Use this stone to heal anger, emotional instability, and lack of self worth. Carnelian also ensures good blood supply to organs and tissues. Carnelian brightens the mental and emotional bodies, making it a good choice if you are facing depression or negative thinking. When we’re barefoot we’re PERFECT energy conductors!

Connect to your heart’s desires and life’s purpose with amethyst, and then manifest them in your life! Lay crystal on the body (in the order above starting at root chakra) for 15-30 minutes as needed. This doesn’t mean there has to be any big illness causing low immune function though. Carnelian boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality in both sexes. It has a warm, luminous energy that is highly suitable for children. It also relieves emotional stress and confers peace of mind. Want to learn the ins and outs on crystals? When we don’t dust off ourselves, we can accumulate energy that is not good for us – thus catching colds and lowering our shields.

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All of the genuine Crystals in this set are said to all be beneficial for Immune System issues. I licked & kicked it in half the time it usually would’ve taken me! This brilliant and colorful stone appears to be on fire with a rainbow spectrum of electric colors when moved in the light. Amethyst, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, or Moss Agate. It is associated with the eye as it is so pleasing to look at, and associated with the Third Eye Chakra.

What I have found is that it helps me to focus back on the moment rather than letting my anxiety take over so I guess it’s working for me. Black absorbs light, as this stone acts as a sponge for harmful or dark energies. See terms - opens in a new window or tab The PayPal Credit account is issued by Synchrony Bank. And I needn't tell you this, but the best remedy is still rest. It also enables the body to recover its balance and heal itself. So what do I DO with the crystals?

My personal number one! Amethyst can be found in all corners of the world. Use it more specifically to to soothe rashes, clear acne, and prevent infection to wounds.

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It can also give you the ‘bird’s eye view’ of a situation. From there, just let your intuition choose what’s best for you. The GOOD NEWS is that there is a GREAT crystal that you can use to stimulate your immune system to get working again. 40 gram to 50 gram Dalmation Jasper, also known as "Dalmation Stone", is a grounding stone, in terms of with the Earth and in reality. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

Spend at least eleven minutes doing this, and try it at least once or twice a week. It is perfect for helping you to release those negative belief patterns of the collective consciousness that you might have picked up. A stabilising stone, Carnelian inspires vitality, motivation, courage and stimulates creativity. © Ron and Sue Windred.

Energetically speaking, the level of strength in your immune system symbolizes your ability to hold boundaries, use your ‘gut feelings,' and to recognize that which is only for your highest good. Following are some of the crystals that can assist and strengthen the immune system and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal itself. There are other immune receptors that recognize endogenous substances that are released when tissue damage or cell death occurs. Kunzite strengthens the energy field around your body, shielding your aura from unwanted energies and dispelling negativity. This is one of our 'stock' items, so the photograph is an example of the set we will put together for you.

Energy Is Here to Heal You

When programmed with higher chakras, aquatic agate also diagnoses underlying disorders that threaten the immunity of your body. Whether a crystal catches your eye or you can feel a physical pull toward one, your inner subconscious will help guide you to the crystal that’s right for you. Citrine absorbs, transmutes and dissipates toxic energy or conflict and is also protective for the environment. A wonderful stone to invite love, assist in giving love and even attract your soulmate, rose quartz is all about the heart. Your crystals will need cleansing from time to time, as crystals absorb energy, both positive and negative. Bloodstone is a top level healing stone that detoxifies and fortifies many systems of the body. Now, usually, I’m pretty resilient to these things but some of you may know that I’ve been doing some frequent acupuncture treatments to treat my allergies & I’m pretty certain that moved some energy around & temporarily lowered my immune system, allowing a nasty virus to sneak in. They’re thought to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.

It heals physical, mental and emotional exhaustion and treats depression.

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The stone assists elimination and detoxification on all levels. It has been referred to as the “bloodstone” in ancient Greece because of the red hue of the iron content when found in nature. In addition, people tend to be less active as they were in warmer seasons, and their vitamin D levels are not as high as during summer which contributes to dampening of the immune system. Is a strong purification tool that effectively clears electromagnetic pollution and provides a superb shield against the effects of modern pollutants. Wear one over your heart so that you always have love with you.

It can also be used to ease joint pain and speed up the healing process after a surgery. Despite this, people are still drawn to their colors and beauty. It is most known for its qualities of promoting health and the flow of creativity, and bringing spirit down to earth. Affirm that you are in perfect health, and see yourself moving effortlessly through your day as any lower energy of illness just bounces off of your shield.

A very protective stone, it also helps you to deal with emotional stress, strengthens your circulatory system and the heart. However outside of the GI tract, it is useful for lung infections as well as urinary tract infections. First thing I did was drop a carnelian stone in my water bottle = Instant Gem Elixir! There are a number of different types of crystals, each filled with their own healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul. According to Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, it is a stone of perfect order and perfect health that purifies, releases, and re-patterns anything in the physical body that is out of alignment. You can use all these stones by simply having them around you, but best have them on your skin. So the question is, how do I naturally heal my immune system and restore it back to being a strong and healthy immune system function?

11 Sodalite: The ‘Don’t Panic’ Stone

And revived my body, mind & spirit in the process. Of all the healing crystals, amethysts are among the most beneficial, in terms of physical health. Ginseng, in addition, because cyclosporine can be tough on the kidneys, it can cause a substance called uric acid to build up in the blood (a state known as hyperuricemia). Use tourmaline to ease pain in the joints and to assist in realigning the spine. When suffering with a bad chest and horrid cough, Aquamarine, Larimar and Blue Calcite can bring real relief, just by placing them on the centre of your chest and around the little hollow of your throat. Keywords; Love. It introduces the limitless possibilities multi-dimensional consciousness.

To help you get started, we compiled a comprehensive roundup of some of the most popular crystals. If you’re already skeptical about these healing crystals, then they likely won’t do you any good. Associated with the Heart Chakra, aventurine can create a sense of general well-being and emotional calm. She has also penned Crystals from Hay House’s basics series. Whenever a large number of cells die, for example when a tumor is being medically treated or during an infection, the uric acid becomes more concentrated and the molecules crystallize. If our immune system isn’t healthy, a simple scratch can be fatal. It’s also said it can also help you rid yourself of feelings of irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience.

Carry turquoise with you as a talisman of protection and to channel the ancient wisdom it emits. In crystal healing it purifies lymph, detoxifies the liver, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system and stimulates production of T-cells. For crystals to work their magic, you mentally have to remove the negative energy or skepticism you may have about their capabilities. They’re unlikely to do you any harm, though. Be it dogs, humans or cats, when our immunity is under threat, the health collapses steadfast. If you found value in this episode, SHARE it! It means your natural defenses are down and you get sick really easily and struggle to shake the illnesses off. Rose quartz is said to also encourage love, respect, trust, and worth within one’s self — something we could all use in this day and age.

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Carnelian is useful for learning to trust in yourself and your perceptions by and especially helpful for anyone going through a mid-life crisis. Due to crystal availability, substitutions may occasionally occur. Sodalite creates an effortless flow of energy that guides us toward self expression and enlightenment.

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Hematite is connected to the Root Chakra and has a profoundly grounding energy that reminds us of our human existence and supports us financially. But I was a little late to the party this time so ended up having to pull out all the stops. Just as the color may suggest, this pink stone is all about love. The energies radiated from most crystals and gems are subtle and work over time, but the energy of others such as Black Obsidian can be much more intense and immediate. Today, the use of crystals in meditation, healing and manifestation rituals has increased as users advocate the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits.

  • Garnet to me is the holy grail of Life Force ~ Chi.
  • It’s called Dioptase!
  • Boosts your energy, overcomes fatigue, increases oxygen supply to the blood and strengthens the circulatory system.
  • Aventurine is supportive of the heart, blood, and energy circulation, and can help speed up recovery time from an injury, illness, or surgery.
  • Astragalus root (also called huang qi) is an immune system modulator and is preventative for those who suffer recurrent acute infections or chronic infections.
  • From revitalizing the wearer to healing underlying distress and fatigue, Labradorite also fills the mind with a new energy to live.

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Activating both higher heart and throat chakra, Leopard Jasper also helps in absorbing nutrients and minerals efficiently too. The energies radiated from crystals and gems are subtle, and work over time, although some people respond quite quickly to their healing energy. We will send this Reiki Charged as I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner & Crystal Healing Therapist. STANDARD * BRACELET * SIZES:

Reprinted by permission of publisher.

Often referred to as a gemstone that gives you the spiritual vaccination, bloodstone is a cleanser of the lower chakras. We’ve been asked numerous times about specific healing crystals or gemstone for immunity. Good for general healthcare and healing. A little known gemstone that stimulates the immune system, chalcedony is a mystic gemstone with many hidden powers. The region dictates the color, and this was one of the most widely used stones in ancient times.

Always consult a doctor if you have symptoms that persist or worry you. Promotes respiratory health and improves circulation and overall health. It was Moldavite and the flush sent me out of my mind! Bloodstone – is a powerful healer and energy cleanser and is one of the best immune boosters for infections. The bright blue color of topaz reflects the mind and our potential for creativity.

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Before you go. It’s not just about their physical care, though. It’s a mental cleanser and detoxifier and helps with emotional healing. As an added bonus, Unakite contains Epidote (the green portion of the stone) which works to reduce stress. It regenerates the physical body and contributes to rapid recovery from infectious diseases and can heal or calm negative emotions, lifting depression and providing peace.

Calcite, particularly green calcite, fortifies the immune system. Ametrine – strengthens the immune system and aids the autonomic nervous system. Physiologically it works with the biochemical, chemical and electrical processes within the cells and the organs that make up the physical body. Crystals for Immune System — Boost your immune system with Amethyst, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, or Moss Agate.

Considered a natural tranquillizer, it relieves stress and nervous system disorders, promoting tranquility. ” It’s said to promote everything from wellness and beauty to balance. Carnelian stimulates the Sacral Chakra. As the stone of the eye, opal can be used to help support the health of eyes and improve vision.

THE EVIL-EYE: Accepting life’s inevitable ebbs and flows

All information contained on the page is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. These are the basis, but to add some extra oomph to your preventative plan, you should be sure to support yourself energetically as well as physically. While they are pretty to look at, they are also extremely powerful. To make the most out of it, wear chalcedony beads as it can activate the life force via the Sacral Chakra as well as Solar Plexus chakra powers! Blood is also responisble for providing the cells with nutrients, transporting hormones and removal of waste products, which the liver, the kidneys or the intestine, for example, then get rid of. It is the most abundant crystal, and is found in ancient evaporated salt lakes and seas, and can be found from Mexico to Brazil and beyond. It relieves stress, soothes irritability, balances moods and dispels anger, fear and anxiety.

Uplifting your immune system is a piece of cake when you’re using the crystal Lapis Lazuli.

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Then place in the sun, place on a Carnelian or spray with a crystal recharge essence. Keywords; Manifestor. It rapidly draws off toxic energy. Amethyst is wonderful for meditation, as it assists in entering a meditative state. It is wise to develop a strong immune system, where good habits and prevention play a key role. It is also useful to help heal and overcome many ailments as such headaches, tension, pain, injuries and it cleanses the blood.

Here Are 20 Powerful Healing Crystals and Their Properties

Citrine, which reminds me of liquid sunshine, brings us the golden ray of the sun and healing. Magazines & more, while some people age healthily, the conclusion of many studies is that, compared with younger people, the elderly are more likely to contract infectious diseases and, even more importantly, more likely to die from them. It releases any suppressed feelings, and frees you from the judgement often inherent in parent-child relationships that can be a source of guilt and constriction in adult life. Amber must be gently rubbed across the inflamed area or across the abdomen for fast healing. Citrine can help you attract abundance and financial wealth and stability. I also felt I needed some deep grounding. We have also had a couple of emails asking for tips and the best crystals to ward off winter bugs.

I know I was depleted in this area. Emerald – is a powerful ally of the immune system as it can help to remain in good health when your body’s natural defences are low. Hold your crystal in your hands and state your intention, asking the crystal to work with you in the best possible way for healing, protection or whatever you need. For those who find it hard to stick to one goal, Amethyst can help in motivating as well. This also means that each crystal we sell is completely unique and so may differ from the pictures shown slightly. Bloodstone’s energy empowers certain microorganisms in your bloodstream that are vital to optimal immune function, making your body an incompatible environment for infections of all kinds.

Lapis can reverse the effects of dis-ease by not speaking out in the past and teaches you the power of the spoken word. It is also known to help with conditions such as high blood pressure, chest and lung problems, healing the kidneys and adrenals, and vertigo. Carry this stone with you to the bank, to business meetings involving finances, or place citrine on your desk and gaze at it while you work. This powerful healing stone lives up to its name. Keep up the hand sanitizing and keep taking supplements to boost your immune system.